Discussions at the 20th Athens Antiracist Festival

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Full program, concerts & how to come to the festival 

What stays the same and what changes in the face of those from above? How is Fortress – Europe being transformed and what is happening on the islands and detention camps in “new” Greece? How are those from below and the Left organizing, fighting, and responding? Where and how are life, dignity, and solidarity winning? Many issues are opened up at the 20th Antiracist Festival. Find below the programme of the main and self-organized discussions per day. All discussions begin at 19.00.


Friday 30th June

  1. 1. From the anti-colonial struggles of the 20th century to the “new European colonialism”: challenges and resistances

Speakers: Peter Ηudis (academic and writer), Tasos Koronakis (Networking for the Radical Left), Despina Paraskeva (ARAN)

Coordination: Irini Gaitanou (Κ-Lab)


  1. Refugee housing squats, self-organization, communities of struggle

Speakers: Ahmad Aga Hossaini (Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza), Mimi Antonopoulou (Notara 26 Housing Squat), Vanessa Bilancetti (ESC, Rome), Mario Neumann (Blockupy, Berlin)

Interventions by: Solidarians and residents at refugee housing squats

Coordination: Nasim Lomani (Network of Social Support to Migrants and Refugees)


  1. From Italy to the United States to Greece: feminist struggles and experiences

Speakers: Marina Montanelli (Infosex/ESC-Non Una Di Meno, Rome), Irini Dafermou (Participant in Kamia anohi/Zero Tolerance), Nantina Vgontzas (Women’s Strike initiative, New York)

Intervention by: Alexia Tsouni, To Mov/Purple

Coordination: Kiouri@


Saturday 1st July


  1. Global crisis: beyond the “extreme center” and the nationalist backtracking in Europe and the United States

Speakers: Dimitris Kousouris (historian), Seraphim Seferiades (academic), Anita Zsurzsán (antifascist movement, Budapest)

Coordination: Loukia Kotronaki (Network for Political and Social Rights)


  1. The “new Greece”: apartheid on the islands, detention camps, blackmails and deportations

Speakers: Behfar Mahdipor (Iranian refugee, Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza), Dina Reppa (Primary Coordination on the Refugee Issue), Thanasis Kourkoulas (Sunday School for Migrants)

Intervention: Giannis Boutselis, legal professional – Greek Ombudsman

Coordination: Ermioni Frezouli (Solidarity Chios)


  1. Common goods and creative resistance at the time of the memoranda

Speakers: Stavros Stavridis (academic), Despina Spanoudi (member of ecological movements), Tonia Katerini (Unifying Initiative against Auctioning), Giorgos Velegrakis (Kokkoi – Red Ecological Movement)

Coordination: Antonis faras (ONRA – Anasynthesi/Recomposition)


Sunday 2nd July


  1. We want Federation: the politics of reunification of Cyprus

Speakers: Grigoris Ioannou (Left Initiative “We Want Federation”, Nicosia), Orhan Eronen (Dayanışma, Lefkoşa)

Coordination: Adamos Zachariadis (journalist)


  1. Against Fortress – Europe, wars and security policies. Solidarity without borders


Speakers: Iasonas Apostolopoulos (rescuer on the shores of Libya), Apostolis Fotiadis (journalist – writer), Dimitris  Sarafianos (Lawyer – LAE/Popular Unity), Giannis Efstathiou (Internationalist Antiwar Movement – Spartacus Network)

Coordination: Giorgos Maniatis (Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza)


  1. Employer crusades and neoliberal middle ages: make the impossible possible

Speakers: Apostolos Kapsalis (researcher, INE/GSEE), Olivia Tziouvara (Attack), Dimosthenis Christopoulos (Media worker’s union, Rosinante), Chara Karagiannaki (G400), Giorgos Charisis (POE-OTA)

Coordination: Dimitris Mantzoukas (lawyer)


  1. From the trial of golden Dawn to the pogroms in Aspropyrgos: nazi activity and antifascist struggle

Speakers: Thanasis Kampagiannis (civil action counsel at the trial of Golden Dawn), Eleftheria Koumantou (journalist – Golden Dawn Watch), Javed Aslam (President of the Greek Pakistani Community)

Coordination: Aggeliki Valsamaki (Antifascist Coordination)


Self-organized discussions:


Friday 30th June

Discrimination towards addicts and former addicts: against social hypocrisy

Speakers: Vicky Kanata, Marina Dala, Giorgos Kritsiligos

Coordination: Katerina Matsa (president on the support organization “18 ano”)


Saturday 1st July

Layoffs in telecommunications and militant trade unionism

Speakers: Anna Aslanidi (trade unionist Vodafone), Sofia Theodoropoulou (trade unionist Victus)

Coordination: Dimitra Loukarea (Panhellenic Trade Union Wind-Vodafone-Victus)


Sunday 2nd July

Pan-european mobilization for the right to abortion

Speaker: Sonia Mitralia






20th Athens Antiracist Festival: 30th June, 1,2 July 2017 – Goudi Park


Entry: 5€ per day | 10€ for all three days


Discussions begin at 19.00


Concerts begin at 21.30

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