Full program of 22nd Antiracist Festival Athens (english)

Full program of 22nd Antiracist Festival Athens (english)

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28th, 29th, 30th of June at Goudi Park

«…Spreading the star for those who come»                                                       

P. Neruda

The 22nd Antiracist Festival on 28th, 29th and 30th of June, at Goudi Park, is a 3-day celebration where we meet, we discuss, we sing and dance, and we have fun. “Locals” and “foreigners”, passionate to live together, to organize the struggle against the cruelty and to honor the priceless gift of life.

28th, 29th and 30th of June. It is in the darkness that the stars shine! It is the people of the resistance that can light the way out. It is our will power to say the big “no” to racism, to the anti-immigrant policies, to fascists, the one that can challenge the gloom. It is the fight for equal rights and justice that can bring hope back to life, to make the stars shine in the darkness!

The program of the 22nd Antiracist Festival (check out the Facebook event here) 


Three days, three simultaneous stages, three unique live experiences

Music is one and at the same time it contains multitudes. With this idea, we created the musical program of the Antiracist Festival. Live concerts for all tastes, in three stages so every day can be a cohesive musical experience.

Friday, 28th of June

The first day of the festival will turn the Park to a big outdoor dancefloor. A wandering through electronic music that will start from versatile dance sound and will end up to new wave rave!

On the Central Stage with us:

 On the stage of Migrant Communities’ space:

  • Fuego Team – Brazil 
  • Dance and music from Cultural Center of Kurdistan
  • City Plaza Girls 
  • Chamenos (Χαμένος) Epizon 
  • Axestos (Άξεστος) & UnderDogs
  • Renovatio

On the Folk Stage:

  • Vaggelis Korakakis
  • Alexandros Ktistakis 


Saturday, 30th of June

Yet another year, with explosive and antifascist lyrics, we raise our voices against racism, homophobia and every sort of oppression.

On Central Stage with us:

  • Psychodrama 07
  • Rationalistas
  • Taburo Bota
  • Novel729 x Lobo Amarillo

On the stage of Migrant Communities’ space:

  • Las Galoperas de Atenas
  • Musikarama
  • Martha Moroleon
  • Momentum
  • Salto Mortale

On the Folk Stage:

  • «Schema disTropon» (Michalis Stavrakakis: mandolin -voice, Dimitris Zacharioudakis: guitar – voice, Spyridoula Mpaka: voice, Dimitris Mprentas: clarinet, Alexis Nonis: percussion, Atonis Skamnakis: contrabasss)
  • «Anemonisiotika – Diaolorempetika» (Marianthi Liodaki: voice, Pavlos Fontas: bouzouki, Nikos Milas: violin, Klearxos Korkovelos: zither, Kostas Sideris: lute) 

Sunday, 1st of July

Our last day invites us to sing like kids with some of our favorite story tellers. We walk the line and we insist… “With the weather against us, it’s costly to fly”.

On the Central Stage with us:

  • Chainides 
  • Fotis Siotas (voice-violin) and Petros Malamas (voice-guitar). With them: Nikos Magnisalis – drums | Nikos Papaioannou – Bass | Nikos Kollias – sound engineer) 
  • Psarogiorgis
  • Chaonia (polyphonic of Epirus)  

On the stage of Migrant Communities’ space:

  • Russian Traditional Dance
  • Mc Michael Tanzania
  • Mandela Girls
  • African dance team and percussion Yeelen
  • Babo Koro

On the Folk Stage:

Ikariotic party and songs with Nikos Fakaros


Friday, 28th of June


Friday, 28th of June

  • Western Civilization?

 Criminalization of solidarity, militarization of borders and (anti)social migration policies.

Coordination: Antonis Faras (ΟΝΡΑ-Anasynthesi)

Speeches: Pia Klemp (IUVENTA-Solidarity at Sea), Thanasis Voulgarakis (solidarian, Lesbos), Gavriil Sakellaridis (Amnesty International – Greece)

Interventions: City Plaza, Sunday School of Migrants, Coordination for Refugees and Migrants, Network of Are solders – Spartakos

  • The Development of Disaster

 Hydrocarbon extractions and the struggle for life 

Coordination: Giorgos Velegrakis (ΚόΚΟΙ- Red Movement Ecology)

Speeches: Giannis Papadimitriou (Initiative against Hydrocarbons Minding in Epirus), Giannis Deligiovas (Save Skouries – Committee of Megali Panagia)

Interventions: Initiative of Athens against Hydrocarbons Minding, Radical Municipal Stream of Arta, Athens Residents Initiative of Athenian Residents for the Protection of Agrafa   

Saturday 29 of June

  • Dark Europe

 The rise of the Far-Right, the neoliberal orthodoxy, and the antagonistic Left

Coordination: Giannis Almpanis (Network for Political and Social Rights)

Speeches: Fulvia Conte (ESC/Mediterranea Saving Humans, Rome), Seraphim  Seferiadis (Academic), Eleftheria Koumantou (Journalist- 9.84 radio station) 

Interventions: Antifacist Coordination of Athens and Piraeus, Kokino Nima, Xekinima, Anti-war Internationalist Movement  

  • Patriarchy Kills

 Gender based violence, femicides, social cannibalism

Coordination: Aliki Kosyfologou (Kiouriat / Κιουρι@) 

Speeches: Irini Gaitanou (responsible for the campaign “Without consent it is a Rape” Amnesty international – Greece), Anny Paparousou (the lawyer of Zak Kostopoulos, Justice For Jack/Jackie)

Interventions: The Mov, Assembly for 8th March, Lgbtqia + Refugees Welcome 

Sunday, 30th of June

  • Cities without Citizens

Airbnb, urban repression and ghetto-ing

Coordination: Tonia Katerini (CO Member of Architectures Association)

Speeches: Grigoris Tsardanidis (FairbnbNB), Kostis Chatzimichalis (Academic), Despina Spanoudi (ΚόΚΟΙ – Red Movement Ecology) 

Interventions: Insubordinate (Anipotachti) Athens, Action against Regeneration and Gentrification (AARG)   

  • The Empire Strikes Back

The social landscape and movement’s answers to the far – right restoration

Coordination: Nikos Giannopoulos (Meeting for the Anticapitalist and Internationalist Left)

Speeches: Ilias Ioakimoglou (Theseis Review), Petros Stavrou (Economist)

Interventions: DEA, Rosinante, ARAN, ARAS, NAR, Anametrisi, Kokkino Nima


Friday, 28th of June

  • Self-organization as an answer to modern football: The experiment of Academia of Adespotos Athinon (Adespotos Athinon)
  • Spaces of monitored drug use and social control (Group of Collective Action and of Social Solidarity of “18 Ano”)

Saturday, 29th of June

  • Meeting of Local and Municipal Organizations
  • Door opens, door closes, but the key is a double one: A discussion on inmates’ rights, state repression and the status of leaves (Initiative for the Rights of Prisoners, Network for Political and Social Rights)

Sunday, 30th of June 

  • Meeting of Antifascist Collectivities: Golden Dawn’s trial, organization of upcoming antifascist actions and the “Antifascist September”. The discussion will be opened by Magda Fyssa, Eleftheria Tompatzoglou and Antifascist Co-ordination of Athens and Piraeus.
  • For the co-ordination of the fight of migrant women against gender based violence (Τhe MOV, United African Women, Assembly for the 8th of March, migrant women organizations)
  • Migrant land workers in Southern Europe: The example of Greece and Italy 


We set the table at the 22nd Antiracist Festival with flavors from 20 countries

The best way to get to get closer with another person, is to sit with on a set table. The best way to get in touch with any popular culture is to taste the local cuisine. Because since the beginning of Humanity’s time, people came together around a steaming pot, where stories are narrated. Because ever since human beings can remember themselves the image of peace and happiness is identified with a set table..

At the 22nd Antiracist Festival we set a huge multi-cultural table, all of us, all together; refugees, migrants, locals. A table full of flavors and traditional dishes coming from 20 different countries where we can all fit in.

We try delicious receipts from Egypt, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, Cameroon, Kurdistan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Turkey-Kurdistan, Philippines.

At the festival, there will also not be missing the Raki Mezedes from “Rakadiko”, the flavors of the Collective Kitchen “El Chef”, Hussein’s kebabs and Felekis’ souvlakia. 


Music, Dance, Games (with Stefanos Ganotis)

Painting Workshop with Stencils (with Muhamad Nakam)

Story-telling time

“Games from All Over the World: Theatrical game with creative workshops

Acrobatic Seminars for Children and Adults



Friday, 28th of June

«Macedonian Political Refugees: The open wound of the civil war» (Antinational – Antimilitaristic Initiative»

In its first screening ever, the short documentary presents the martyrdom – journey of a civil war refugee in exile.

Saturday, 29th of June

«Peace vs Piece. Part I: Resistance of Palestinian Women in Hebron» (To Mov, FemArtAct) 

Filmed in Hebron, the documentary depicts the rough everyday life and resistance of Palestinians to the fragmented, historical town and the fights of women against the patriarchy.

Sunday, 30th of June

 « Partisans of Athens», (Direction: Xenofontas Vardaros, Yannis Ksydas) 

Documentary on EAM Resistance in the occupied Athens. Fourteen narratives. 


At the space of the Festival there will be a MEDIA CENTER

22nd Antiracist Festival of Athens: 28th, 29th and 30th of June 2019Goudi Park

Entrance fee: 5€ per day | 10€ for all three days | Free for refugees, migrants and unemployed

Start time of the Festival: 6.00PM

Start time of the Discussions: 7.30PM

Start time of the Self-Organized Discussions: 7:00PM

Start time of the Concerts: 9.30PM

More on: www.antiracistfestival.gr

Our Homeland, the entire Earth!

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