23rd Anti-Racist Festival: fulll program

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1, 2 and 3 of July 2022, Ilisia University Campus, Athens

The 23rd Anti-Racist Festival is here!

After two years of forced postponement due to the pandemic, the 23rd Antiracist Festival opens its doors on July 1, 2, 3, 2022 at the University Campus in Ilisia.  Three days of solidarity and three days of celebration!

The return of the festival is one of the few uplifting news in these difficult times. The Anti-Racist Festival is not only the leading event of the anti-racist movement in Greece, nor is it only a great artistic event with concerts, discussions, cultural events and great food. More importantly, the Anti-Racist Festival is a unique celebration of unity through diversity and a breath of resistance and solidarity in a stifling and oppressive environment.

“Pushback” to racism and war

This is the breath we need, today more than ever. Because we are surrounded by insecurity, the lack of a decent living for many, repression and lack of justice. Because the Russian invasion in Ukraine has caused the largest refugee wave in Europe since the Second World War. Because those criminal and illegal “pushbacks” have become the status quo in the Evros, the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Because refugee and migrant detention camps remain places where law and humanity are nullified. Because nationalism is once again becoming a tool for manipulating society. Because the far right is raising again everywhere in Europe, Greece included – despite Golden Dawn having been declared a criminal organisation and its leadership being in prison. Because the Roma are always treated as second-class citizens. Because discrimination and violence based on gender and sexuality are part of everyday life. Because our lives are becoming poorer and poorer.

So we meet at the Anti-Racist Festival to show that we can live differently, to celebrate this “togetherness” that can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.


https://antiracistfestival.gr/, e-mail: [email protected], twitter: @Antirafestival

Opening time of the festival: 6.00 p.m.

Start time of the discussions: 7.30 pm.

Start time of the self-organized discussions: 7:00 pm.

Start time of the concerts: 9.30 p.m.

Entrance fee: 5 euros. For the whole weekend 10 euros. Free for unemployed persons, immigrants, refugees

In the festival area there will be a Media Center

More information at www.antiracistfestival.gr

The whole Earth is our homeland!




Friday 1 July, 7.30 p.m.

  • Refugees/Migrants in Greece Today: Invisible Work, No Shelter, No Integration

Coordinated by Nassim Lomani (Athens Migrant Shelter).

Presentations: Apostolis Kapsalis (Labor lawyer, researcher of migrant labor in Greece), Thanasis Kourkoulas (Educator, Sunday School for Migrants), Anastasia Matsouka ( Lawyer, Refugee Worker)

  • Climate change and the environmental crisis: are we changing fast enough? Social resistance in Greece and abroad

Coordinated by George Velegrakis (Anametrisi)

Presentations: George Kallis (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Annabella Da Re (member of the environmental organization Gastivists Italia), Elita Fasoula (Fridays For Future Thessaloniki)

  • Peace in Ukraine, Freedom in Russia, Fight against NATO

Coordination and Introduction: Yannis Albanis (Network for Social and Political Rights)

Presentations: Ilia Budraitskis (Russian intellectual and activist), Miguel Urbán (Spanish MEP, member of anticapitalistas – Update from the mobilizations for the NATO Summit in Spain), Miguel Urbán (Spanish MEP, member of anticapitalistas – Update from the mobilizations for the NATO Summit in Spain).

Interventions by: Nilufer Koc (Member of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress), Spartacus Free Fans Network


Self-organised events (7.00 pm):

  • “Even the water? Movements against the privatization of water” Organized by.
  • “Football doesn’t kill” Organized by: “Adespotos” Athens.Saturday 2 July, 7.30 p.m.

“Pushbacks”:  welcome to Balkans

Coordination: Ermioni Frezouli, Chiaki Sympoliteia

Presentations: D. Angelidis (journalist, Journal of the Editors), Saša Hajzler, Infokolpa initiative, member of the Border Violence Monitoring Network, Lucija Kljun, Infokolpa Initiative, Bosnia, Iasonas Apostolopoulos (rescuer)

Intervention: Kurdistan Cultural Centre

  • Expensiveness: let’s not pay for this crisis as well

Coordinated by Angeliki Valsamaki (El Chef Collective Kitchen)

Suggestions: Petros Stavrou (Economist, member of Anametrisi), Silvia Palusi (member of Organizata Politike, Albania), Fotis Dimitroulas (Citizens’ Movement of Haidari)

Intervention: Coordination of collectives from Attica 

  • Gender-based violence: Femicide, #metoo, Feminist Resistance

Coordinated by Aliki Kosyfologou (Curie@)

Introduction: Dora Chrysikou (actress), Chrysa Lykou (Journalist), Katerina Sergidou (March 8 Assembly), also a representative of the Initiative Against Femicide

Self-organised events (7.00 pm):

  • “Event: Fandar Suicides an Ongoing Crime by the Army against Youth”. Organized by: the Spartacus Free Fans NetworkSunday 3 July
  • Hate against Roma people, State Violence and Social Exclusion

Coordinated by Isabella Galaiou (Migrant Shelter – Compania Flamenca Sentimientos)

Presentations: Alexandra Karagianni (Lawyer of the Sabani Family) B. Alexandros Katzis (Photojournalist), Alexandros Katzos (President of ELLAN PASSE)

Interventions by members of the Sambanis family.

  • The dismantling of “ESY” (public health system) seriously harms society

Moderator: Dimitris Adamopoulos (health scientist, member of Anametrisi)

Introduction: Despina Tosonidou (member of the Executive Secretariat of OENGE), Katerina Matsa (writer, psychiatrist), G. Kalomenidis (in charge of Covid-19 in hospital Evangelismos)

  • Pandemic Repression: Police Terrorism, Prisons, Changes in the Criminal Code

Moderator: Zamile Kaba (lawyer, Anametrisi)

Presentations: Yanna Kurtovic (lawyer, Network for Civil and Social Rights), Vassilis Papastergiou (lawyer), Polycarpos Georgiadis (former political prisoner)

Self-organized events(7.00 pm):

  • Open assembly from the “Antifascist Coordination of Athens-Pireus” and the campaign “They are not Innocent” 



Sunday 1/7

Main stage:

Salto Mortale

BUS the unknown secretary

Puta Volcano


Folk stage :

Rebetiko Fiesta:

Νταλκά Χαμέ Quintet,


Immigrand stage :

Fuego team latin show

Mersad be a wolf





Mc Yinka & The Fuzics

Al Fawares cultural band by SGYF


Saturday 2/7

Main Stage:  


Taburo bota


Novel 729

Rationalistas – Ορθολογιστές

Folk Stage:

Rebetiko fiesta:

Τρίο Κατάρα

Rebetiko Group with: Σκούτας, Μηταράκης, Ζαρίας, Τσαλπαρά, Ιωάννου

Immigrant Stage:

Ανοιχτή Ορχήστρα

Afghan traditional dance group

Vellerzimi (polyphonic traditional songs and dance from Albania)

Traditional Dance by the Kurdistan Cultural Centre

Αdir Jan

Alejandro Diaz with sounds and revolutionary songs of Latin America

Τsopana rave

Sunday 3/7

Main Stage:

Βερτζί Μαβί

Αλέξανδρος Κτιστάκης

Φωτεινή Βελεσιώτου


Folk Stage:

Sam Romα

Αναφανδόν & Άρης Μάθεσης

Immigrand stage:

Social Reintegration Music Group from “18 Άνω”

Mandela Girls

Las Galoperas de Atenas

Lot Kurbeti (polyphonic traditional songs and dance from Albania)

African Dance and Music Group Yeelen (Γιελεν)

Sembe – cultural dance & music

H Χρυσάνθη και οι φανταστικοί της φίλοι



Photography exhibitions:

1) Refugee 2) Repression. Both of these exhibitions will be displayed on all 3 days at the Anti-Racist Festival. Photojournalists: Orestis Panagiotou, Michalis Karagiannis, Alexandros Katsis, Vassilis Rebapis, Marios Lolos, Anastasia Charami, William Faithful

3) Photography exhibition: ΦΥΓΟΚΕΝΤΡΟΣ (centrifugal) 

Photographer: Rahmat Ahmadi

Curator: Yannis Simos (BlackBox Photography)

“Centrifugal is the illusion that a body in a circular orbit holds, in which it escapes from that orbit. It is conventionally a force that is not exerted on the body, but helps to study motion problems.”

Rahmat Ahmadi was born in Afghanistan. Since 2007, he has been in Greece as a refugee. Since 2010 he has been working as an interpreter and intercultural mediator. In 2014 he started his first photography seminar at the Cultural Club of the University of Athens (P.O.F.P.A.). From 2015 to 2018 he attended photography courses at BlackBox Photography school.


4) Memories and Dreams

It is in the workshops of collective photography, which take place in the hospitality centers of the social ΕΚΑΒ, that underaged refugees have the chance to feel the power of photography as a way of expressing one’s self with creativity, as a way of communication and as a means to justify and narrate different incidents. All of that is under the guidance of photographer Christina Vazou. 

Teenagers from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Egypt and Pakistan used the lens to unlock their feelings. In addition, other members of the group chose from their hearts a photograph each and bejeweled it with a title and some writings. 

The way that memories, feelings and dreams are drawn from these photographs is magical. 

It is a gift with witch we are able to connect with groups of people that seem different and understand that those things that unite us  are far stronger that those that divide us. 


Friday 1 July, 9.00 p.m.

Sam Roma – «Είμαστε τσιγγάνοι» (2014) 


Screenplay – Directed by Marina Danesi

Production: Nikos Triantaphyllides / NIMA Actions of Art and Culture.

Director of Photography: Christos Sarris

Editing: Yiorgos Zafiris 

Director of Sound Engineering: Kostas Koutelidakis

Original Music: Kostis Zouliatis

Mixing: Dimitris Migiakis

Camera on the shooting of Saint Barbara: Claudio Bolivar

Sound recording on the set of Agia Varvara: Yannis Antipas

Duration: 39′

The music was recorded at Shakti Studio

With the support of the Hellenic Film Centre and the Byzantine Museum

The author will be present at the screening.

Saturday 2 July, 9.00 p.m.

1) In the courtyard – «Στην Αυλή» (12′)

A short documentary about the occupation of the 5th Lyceum of Athens. A courtyard on a sunny spring afternoon.

Directed by: Aphrodite Kairaki

Assistant director: Maria Ligou

Photography Director: Christina-Anna Dafni

Audio: Antonis Argyris

Video & Sound Editing: Maria-Mosha Karatzoglou

The author will be present at the screening.

2) 5 1/2 years – «5 ½ Χρόνια» (70′).  The documentary deals with the experience of the journalistic coverage of the Golden Dawn trial.

Script – Director: Myrto Symeonidou, Ioanna Papaioannou 

Photography Director: Nikos Panierakis

Graphic design : Louisa Karageorgiou

Editing: Ioanna Papaioannou

Sound engineering – mixing : Alexandros Lykostratis

Original Music: Nikos Baxevanakis, Yanis Potamitis

In October 2020, the biggest trial in modern Greece comes to an end. The court’s decision is clear: The third largest party in parliament is a criminal organization. What is it like to cover such a trial for five and a half years? A conversation with the people who were there.

In the documentary / the documentary is spoken by: Eleftheria Koumantou, Angelique Kourounis, Yannis Baskakis, Antonis Bougias, Konstantinos Poulis, Afroditi Fragou.

The documentary 5½ years is an independent production that premiered at the 24th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in March 2022.

The filmmakers will be present at the screening.

Sunday 3 of July 9 pm

Back to Life

Athens, Saturday of Easter 2020, during the first lockdown in Greece, yet, the first day of freedom for a seriously abused woman. 

Writing / Directing / Editing / Photography: Alexia Tsouni

Assistant Director: Kostas Douvis

Sound engineering: Giorgos Nikou

Music: Paper Planes – Durden ft. Airtone

Lighting: Stella Kokkol

Subtitling: Iren Kontou

Production: FemArtAct 2021, Greece and Bangladesh

Duration: 30 minutes 

Support: To Mov (το Μωβ) and Yoga for Good

The true story of a 32 years old woman that managed to escape from her husband with the helo of an other woman and asked for asylum in Greece. 

We follow her from the morning when her detention ends, up until midnight when she celebrates her resurrection along with people thay supported her. We travel with her to her dark past and her bright future. Old wounds are discovered but also new ways to achieve happines. Strength takes over the pain and hope takes over fear. But what about her daughter? 

The film makers will attend


Friday 9.00-10.30 p.m.

Poets from different countries will recite in their own language. The moderator of the event will present the theme of the poem in Greek.


for adults and children

Friday 1 July, 8:30 pm, duration 30 minutes

We will hear tales and stories from three storytellers who will take us through space and time to a world of many worlds, a country of many countries, to think, see and build this colorful world.

Narrators: Penelope Vassiliadou, Lizeta Ziakou, Ioanna Vitsou (Graduates of the “School of Narrative Art” of the “Centre for the Study and Dissemination of Myths and Fairy Tales”)”


Saturday 2 July 9 p.m.

  • -Flamenco Act “Palante” with the dance group of Compania Flamenca Sentimientos

Para adelante, pa “lante, straight ahead…. This is the stance and attitude of the Andalusian Roma, inspired by the caravans’ journeys through time in search of new places, always looking forward, never back.

Choreography – Direction: Isavella Galaiou

Dancing: Akrivi Antonopoulou, Dora Vana, Stella Vlachomitrou, Isabella Galaiou, Pelia Giannoulatou, Eleni Demetriou, Eleni Kakouri, Stella Kapolou, Chrysofili Kontou, Marianna Koutoulas, Zoe Kritsotaki, Elena Megremi, Panagiota Boukuvalas, Anastasia Papadoulis, Christina Papafilippakis, Evita Paschali, Apollonia Politi

Sunday 3 July 8.30-10.00 p.m.

“A musical for 500 euros”

A famous singer, an actress, a drunk, a jabber and their friends sing and dance in different languages. Why would the do that you ask? But to pay the bill!

The students, teachers and pupils of Piso Thrania invite you to their multilingual play!

Piso Thrania is a group for teaching Greek and English to refugees and immigrants, for the performance students from different countries collaborated.

They perform:

Ali Raza, Anna Papadopoulou, Bayazid Piah, Nagham Khalaf Fares, Mohammad Golami, Hussain, Olga Papadopoulou, Rafik Matobar, Fotini, Chrysofili Kontou

Singing and dancing are the students, the teachers and of course you, “our dear audience”!


The Anti-Racist Festival for our little ones!

During this year’s Anti-Racist Festival, the Children’s Playground will be open from 18:00 to 21:00, with activities for children, workshops and games! We will have a great time with our little ones, playing, singing, listening to stories and learning to share the world so we can change it! We are waiting for you!

Friday 1 July

18:00-19:00 Storytelling

19:00-21:00 Music, dancing and singing with Stefanos Ganotis

Saturday 2 July

18:00-21:00 Art workshop with the Skasiarchio

Sunday 3 July

18:00-19:30 activities for children with the Applied Theatre Educator for education and the community, Christina Sturaitis

19:30-21:00 games with the self-organized football team “Adespotos Athens”


The festival is delicious! We set the table at the 23rd Anti-Racist Festival with flavours from many countries. Cuisines and flavours both savoury and sweet from many corners of the globe. Egypt, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kurdistan, Philippines, etc. And of course, as always, Turkish cuisine, the rakadiko, Feleki’s souvlaki and El Chef.

23rd Anti-Racist Festival

1,2 and 3 July 2022, University Campus, Ilisia

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