THE DISCUSSIONS of the #21stAntirFestAthens

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See the full program HERE & the concerts HERE

All discussions start at 7 p.m.


Lets see day by day discussions:

Friday 29 June

  • Greek-Turkish antagonism, rival nationalisms and the bet for a peaceful coexistence


Speakers: Hussein Bebrek (Turkish political refugee), Stavros Tombazos (economist, University of Cyprus), Athina Skamba (Kokkino Nima)

Coordinated by Kyriaki Klokiti (Network for Social and Political Rights)

Interventions: OKDE, Antipolemiki Kinisi

  • Golden Dawn Trial, the nazi threat and the anti-fascist movement

Speakers: Eleftheria Koumantou (journalist, Golden Dawn Watch), Eleftheria Tombatzoglou (prosecutor at the Golden Dawn trial, “Favela”), Angeliki Valsamaki (Antifascist Coordination of Athens & Piraeus), Petros Konstadinou (KEERFA coordinator)

Coordinated by Anastasia Matsouka (Migrant Social Center)



  • A discussion on Islamophobia from a Feminist Point of View


Participants: Women Refugees, ARAN women’s group, Kiouri@, Sabbat, Group of gender Confrontation, feminist and LGBTQI+ groups


Saturday June 30


  • Against neoliberal totalitarianism and the far right advance: (towards) which Left in Europe?


Speakers: Elsa Papageorgiou (educator, Paris 8 PhD candidate), Mauro Pinto (Napoli in Direziona Opposta/NDO, Naples), Andreas Pagiatsos (Xekinima)

Coordinated by Katerina Nikolatou (Anasynthesi ONRA)



  • The Mediterranean, Dead Sea: External and Internal EU Borders and Apartheid


Speakers: Sandro Mezzandra (Euronomade, University of Bologna), Ali (City Plaza Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space), Thanasis Voulgarakis (Solidarity Lesvos), Ermioni Frezouli (Chiaki Sympoliteia)

Coordinated by Nasim Lomani (Network of Social Support to Immigrants and Refugees)

Interventions: KAR, KEERFA, United Afghans Community



  • State of exception of rights, punitive revenge and judicial cruelty


Speakers: Tasos Theofilou (ex political prisoner), a member of the Irianna and Pericles Solidarity Assembly, a member of Rouvikonas

Coordinated by Eirini Gaitanou (Anametrisi/Confrontation, Group of Communists)

Interventions: Initiative for Prisoners’ Rights, “Spartakos” Network of Soldiers, LAE’s Rights Group


Sunday July 1


  • Middle East: constant war, militaristic regimes and imperialistic interventions


Speakers: Toufic Haddad (Palestinian author and academic), Kostas Kousiandas (, Antonis Davanellos (DEA)

Coordinated by Yannis Albanis (journalist, Network for Social and Political Rights)

Interventions: Kurdistan’s Cultural Center, tomov



  • Struggles for Commons: Housing, Public Spaces, Water


Speakers: Tonia Katerini (Unifying Initiative against House Auctions), Petros Basteas (EYDAP Contributory Movement of Workers and Pensioners), Eleni Portaliou (Committee of Struggle for the Metropolitan Park of Elliniko)

Coordinated by Giorgos Velegrakis (KOKKOI)



  • Workers’ struggles and victories in the memorandum era


Speakers: Labros Mastorakis (Radical IT-SETHP Board member), Giorgos Stamatonikolos (NGO employee), Tasos Christopoulos (Manufacturing Branch-Rocinante), Anna Aslanidou (Board member of the United Trade Union of Vodafone/Wind/Victus)

Coordinated by Mihalis Katerinis Linardos (trade unionist in telecommunications)


Self organized Areas

  • Area of Ideas and Publishing Ventures
  • Lgbtq-i
  • Initiative against Mining (Epirus)
  • Refugee Housing Squats
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