The program of 18th Antiracist Festival Athens (English)

The program of 18th Antiracist Festival Athens (English)

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18th Antiracist Festival Athens


4, 5 & 6 of July in Panepistimioupoli , Ilisia.

The Anti-Racist Festival is organized every year by the Coordinating Migratory & anti-racist organizations!



Friday, July 4, 9:30 pm

  •      -Homeless Art
  •      -Thee holy strangers
  •      -Mr Highway Band
  •      -Deus Ex Machina
  •      -Another World & Frank Panx
  •      -Villagers of Ioannina Cit

Saturday, July 5, 9:30 pm

  •      -Wolfy Funk Project feat. Elephant Phinix
  •      -307 Jam Squad
  •      -Permanent Resident and the Crimsons
  •      -Human
  •      -Tiny Jackal
  •      -Flow Job
  •      -12th Monkey


Sunday, July 6, 9:30 pm

  •      -Usurum
  •      -Maria Papageorgiou
  •      -Eleni Tsaligopoulou-Melina Kana
  •      -Light-Velesiotou Vangelis Kazadzis
  •      -Vangelis-Korakakis


Friday, July 4, 9:30 pm: (Hip Hop Day)

  •      -African Heritage
  •      -DJ Theo
  •      -Michael Jemo (Hip Hop)
  •      -Nps & Koas (Albanian Hip Hop)
  •      -Black Star (Otumfuo2b, damaurasteri & dogmanity)
  •      -Renovatio: Greek – Albanian Hip-Hop
  •      -TE PAVARURIT (Albanian Hip Hop)

Saturday, July 5, 9:30 pm: (mix)

  •      -Music from the Georgian Community
  •      -Polyphonic songs and traditional dances of the Federation Albanians Society
  •      -Dance Group of Filipinos Wemen
  •      -Dimitris Roumeliotis – Ihor – Sitar (Indian music)
  •      -Bantu Dancers & Anasa Drumers
  •      -From A-2-Z (Filipino rock band)
  •      -Peggy’s Throne (Filipino rock band)

Sunday, July 6, 9:30 pm: (Traditional Music)

  •      -RONTINA: Bulgarian Folk Group
  •      -Bangladesh-Doel
  •      -Haiti (Albanian Traditional Dance)
  •      -Traditional Afghan music
  •      -Rose Wood: dancing and songs from Madagascar
  •      -Cultural Association of Kurdistan


+ EVERY evening “rembetika” (Greek traditional music) troupe at the Festival tavern

Friday: Friends Stelios
Saturday: The charlatans
Sunday: The Rebel

18th Antiracist Festival MULTINATIONAL KITCHENS


With the kitchens of the 18th Anti-Racist Festival we will make a journey of flavors and fragrances. Immigrants and refugees from Asia, Africa and the Middle East are preparing traditional foods and sweets.

Specifically what we will try where:
EGYPT: Falafel
AFGANISTAN: Mantoy (pouches) with meat or vegetables and yogurt sauce, & Potato pie with vegetables
ZIMBABWE: Chicken curry & green, yellow and red rice
IRAN: falafel, zeresk polo: chicken with rice & saffron
KENYA: Beef & Bird livers with rice (or chapatti pie) & sauce & spices, spicy Sabosa (pie with vegetables & chili)
CAMEROON: Veal with potatoes in red sauce, Meat-roll (Meat Pie)
KURDISTAN: Falafel, lachmatzoun couba
MADAGASCAR: NEM (fried vegetable balls) & coleslaw, chicken with ginger, spices & rice
MALAYSIA: fried rice with shrimps & chicken & 2 spring rolls
NIGERIA: Jollofrice (rice with vegetables) and chicken, souvlaki of beans & salad & pie
SOUTH AFRICA: Rice with chicken leg & curry sauce, traditional sausage with bread tompolo or puree semolina & tsakalaka salad
SIERRA LEONE: Cous cous with chicken & vegetables
SUDAN: Koufos (meatballs with tomato sauce and rice), Kusari (rice, lentils and pasta with sauce), planten: salty fried banana skewers
TANZANIAbiriani (veal with vegetables & rice), kaltesi (potato croquettes & minced meat)
PHILIPPINES: Spring roll with noodles
Sweets of the antiracist festival
EGYPT: Baklava, Kantaifakia, Busby
NIGERIA: Coconut Cake, Banana Cake, Pecan pie, Apple pie with powdered sugar & cinnamon fritters with honey & cinnamon
SUDAN: Syrupy sweets
Souvlakia, rakomezedes (salty delicacies that accompany the “raki” drink) and Collective Kitchen. This year’s festival will also have traditional kebabs, raki and rakomezedes of “raki” and tasty, hearty food from the Collective Kitchen «ElChef».
18th Antiracist Festival FILMSEXHIBITIONS-EVENTS & Playgrounds
this year’s festival also includes:

Group exhibition of street photography by Yiannis Gabriel, Alexia Giakoumpini, George Lathyrus, ChristouMarkantoni, Christos Michalopoulos.
“Peace is” a photography exhibition by the international organization World without Wars and Violence.
Without Identity ‘ a photography exhibition from the 35mm team on the self-management.

I shall die as I have lived ‘watercolors drawings of Antonio Guerrero, International Solidarity Campaign / José Martí Cultural Society and cultural, sports solidarity team HastalaVictoriaSiempre.


Friday, July 4, 9:00 pm
«Dropit», short film by Rene Gatsos (2013, 5 ‘)
«Lafuerzadelanoviolencia – The power of non-violence” of LuisBodoqueGómez – International organization World without Wars and Violence (2012, 33 ‘)
MEMORY OF THE CAMPS ‘unknown Alfred Hitchcock documentary on the concentration camps (1945, 65’)

Saturday, July 5
Update on the latest developments in the Zapatista communities (8.00 pm), followed by the films:
Tribute to murdered Galeano “ Available Standalone Alternative Media (2014, 7 ‘) (9.00 pm)
«The Zapatista autonomy.” Documentary production: Arte, MúsicayVideoS.A. deC. V. (2009, 70 ‘)

Sunday, July 6, 9:00 pm
Art and Memory: Brazilians in Greece” of CelinaF. Lage (2014, 5 ‘)
Greeks on Uncertain Flight ‘documentary on the Greek crisis by Abdolreza Konharouz (2012, 75’)

18th Antiracist Festival FILMSEXHIBITIONS-EVENTS & Playgrounds


Saturday, July 5
Excerpt from the stage composition «UNDER-hidden voices”
from the Point Theatre, directed by Nikos Diamantis.

Sunday, July 6

Individual Course ‘performance on the alienating effect of drug addiction

+ all three days: Workshop with recyclable materials …………

Playground: Every day from 6.00 pm little friends of the antiracist festival can play and have fun with the creative company of: Families, the Rainbow, Games in the Park, the Babyfeat, Back desks etc.

18th Antiracist FestivalDISCUSSIONS….

  • Friday, July 4, 7 pm

The rise of Fascism and Racism in Europe.

Moderator: Angela Valsamaki


  • Dmitri Kolesnik (representative of the Ukrainian organization Borotba)
  • Peter Constantine (alderman of Athens KEERFA)
  • Theodore Lade (Youth SYRIZA)
  • Thanassis Kourkoulas (Movement Deport Racism)

The divergence and diversity to the gallows: the mentally ill, disabled, drug addicts, prisoners …

Moderator: Olga Anagnostou


  •      -Theodore Megalooikonomou (psychiatrist)
  •      -Nikos Vlachos (Initiative for Prisoners’ Rights)
  •      -Activist from the department of people with ​​disabilities

Intervention: Victoria tzoumerka (School of Second Chance of Korydallos Prison)

Race for the common goods and human dignity

Coordination: Myrto Bolota


  •      -Gabriel Sakellaridis (Open City)
  •      -Cough-George (Metropolitan Social Clinic of Elliniko)
  •     -George Archontopoulos (SOSt (save the) Water)
  •      -Representative of the movement against the mines in Halkidiki

Left, movements, resistance and civil disobedience at the times of the “Memorandum of Understanding”.

Moderator: Nick Giannopoulos


  •      -Elias Panteleakis (Youth SYRIZA)
  •      -Antonis Ntavanelos (SYRIZA)
  •      -Nikos Stergiou (World Without Wars and Violence)

Interventions: Luminous Nikitara (cleaning personnel of the Ministry of Finance) and Eirini Foteli (ERT worker,

Intervention: Libertarian School

18th Antiracist FestivalDISCUSSIONS….

  • Saturday, July 5, 7 pm

From Lampedusa to Pharmakonisi: Detention centers, police stations, ‘dissuasive’ policies in Europe’s Fortress.

Coordination: Nassim Lomani


  •      Demetra-Spatharidou (Amnesty International)
  •      Ruiz-Kazim (Afghan Community of Greece)
  •      Merleau-Tziasantro (Resistenza Meticce, DINAMOpress)

Interventions: George Tsarpopoulos (UNHCR) and Helen Parasidou (Anti-racist – Antifascist Initiative of Corinth)

Migration and new colonialism: West goes to Pakistan and the Pakistani communities of Europe.

Moderator: Olga Lafazani


  •      -Aamir Mufti (Professor, University of Los Angeles)
  •      -Sissy-Velissariou (Institute of Law Pulaj)
  •      -Tsavent Aslam (Head of the Pakistani Community of Greece)

State of emergency ‘doctrine of defense and security “war against the poor.

Coordination: Tasia Christodoulopoulou


  •      -George Katrougalos (Constitutionalist MEP)
  •      -Nikos Charalampopoulos (Spartacus Network)
  •      -Ibrahim Mizlim (Cultural Center of Kurdistan)

Interventions: Ercan (Committee of Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan) and Emmy Karimali (student in Turkey)

Who is at risk in Thrace? Nationalist attack against the Turkish minority.

Coordination: Demosthenes Papadatos-Anagnostopoulos


  •      -Jamal Miliazim (teacher Xanthi)
  •      -Sissy-Silent (Initiative against Nationalism Antimilitary)


18th Antiracist FestivalDISCUSSIONS….

  • Sunday, July 6, 7 pm

Citizenship, political, social and religious rights of economic and political refugees in Greece.

Coordination: Gianna Kourtovik


  •      -Amntelrasoul-Mahmoud (Al Masar)
  •      -Joe Valencia (Kasapi)
  •      -Christina Ziaka (Start)
  •      -Eleni Takou (Recording Network Incidents of Racist Violence)


Locals and foreign workers against cuts, layoffs and employer terrorism.

Coordinator: Apostolis Kapsalis


  •      -Georgia Economou (cleaning personnel of the Ministry of Finance)
  •     -Olga Balaoura (Association of Technical Employees)

Rafakat-Mohammed (General Recycling SA)

Liton-Arifouchman (Immigrant Laborers Union of New Manolada)


Transatlantic Partnership Trade and Investment: The global economic dictatorship is here.

Coordination: Gifts Kotsakia


  •      -Savvas-Robolis (INE / GSEE)
  •      -Fotinakis-Costas (Chairman of Friends of NATURE)
  •      -Activist of the resistance movement in tie

Local, immigrant and civil-war violence in times of crisis.

Moderator: Elena Apostolidou


-Maria Liapis (DIOTIMA)

     -Debbie Valencia (Association of Filipino Dinata Kasapi)

     -Anna-Maria Stephan (member of Women’s Network Europe)

     -Representative Association of Nigerian Women


During the Festival additional thematic sites will operate with discussions, meetings, screenings and exhibitions for:

18th Antiracist FestivalDISCUSSIONS……..

Antifascist VillageDiscussions program

  • Friday, July 4, 8pm

Students and teachers against fascism

Moderator: Maria Nikolakaki


  •      Paul Charamis Center studies and documentation of OLME
  •      Spyros Marketos academic

Interventions by teachers and students

  • Saturday, July 5th 8pm

Open Antifascist Assembly of collectives, assemblies & committees of Athens and Piraeus.

Review and movement experiences. Subsequent actions and mobilizations.

Moderated by Antifascist Coordination Athens, Piraeus

  • Sunday, July 6 8pm

The rise of the Golden Dawn and how to confront it

Moderator: Helen Efstratiadi


  •      Seraphim Sefereiadis, Academic
  •      Christopher Vernardakis, political analyst and scientific director of VPRC
  •      Petros Papaconstantinou, journalist

18th Antiracist FestivalDISCUSSIONS……..

Social solidarity

Solidarity will be present in a specific thematic area, where the structures of social solidarity, social infirmaries and partnerships will meet.

  • Saturday 5/7 8pm

New Condition – New tasks: the structures of social solidarity discussed with the newly elected mayors of Attica

  • Sunday 6/7 8pm

Public health? for whom? social practices (infirmaries) talk about recent developments in health and how to respond to them

And the three days of the festival: food and medicine concentration for structures …………

  • Detention centers

Open Assembly on Sunday 6/7 at 7:30p.m..



18thAntiracistFestivalAccess …………

How to reach the festival:

  • Go to Metro station Evaggelismos
  • Take busses  220, 221, 140, 224, 235, 250, 608

FRIDAY, 4-7 2014

SATURDAY, 5-7 2014

SUNDAY, 6-7 2014

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