21st Antiracist Festival Athens: Full program

21st Antiracist Festival Athens: Full program

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If we have a hope, we owe it to those who have none

Program in: Arabic, Greek, Spanish,  German, French, Turkish, Italian & Farsi

Starting June 29 through July 1 we are meeting at Goudi Park. With discussions, concerts, exhibitions, events, multicultural cuisines and, above all, a lot of people.

  • June 29-July 1. We΄re meeting once again at the 21st Antiracist Festival to celebrate by saying our very own “No” to racism, nationalism, discrimination, exploitation, borders, the state of exception, imperialist interventions.
  • But the Festival is not just about saying NO and keeping up the struggle, it’s the celebration of solidarity, comradeship and togetherness. It is the common language that cries out that there can be a better future for all.





Three days festival, three stages, three unique live experiences

Music is one and much more at the same time. Starting off with this in mind, we set up the music schedule of the Antiracist Festival.  Live for all tastes, but shaped in such a way that every day turns into a cohesive musical proposal. Note that the live performances are to run on all three stages at the same time.

Let’s have a more detailed look:

Friday 29 June

Hiphop is going strong in Greece and this is so also at the Antiracist Festival. Lyrics of rage and metropolitan sensitivity in the soundtrack of a generation grown up in the Memorandum era.

On the central stage (1st  Stage)

  • Vevilos
  • Agnostos Cheimonas
  • Rationalistas
  • Fer De Lance

On decks: Dj Magnum

On the stage of the migrant communities’ area (2nd stage)  

  • Dance and singing by the Kurdistan Cultural Center
  • Afghan Traditional Music
  • Kabeiria Percussion-African Percussion
  • Yovel

On the folk stage (3th stage)

  • Lalitades (feast from Epirus)


Saturday 30 June

Saturday is an electronic rove on the tracks the whale left at that magical journey that turned our lives around.

On the central stage (1st  Stage)

  • K.BHTA & MIKAEL DELTA/dj set (Stereo Nova)
  • Cayetano (dj set)
  • SWORR.

On the stage of the migrant communities’ area (2nd stage)

  • Samy fuego –Latin
  • Las Galoperas de Atenas
  • Plaza Girls, Loyal & Payman (Afghan hip hop)
  • Daisy Chain + Mavri Palirroia
  • Brak (Hnaria)
  • Lyrical punishment
  • Stelios (Nio.Ste)

On the folk stage (3th stage)

“Rebetika and Folk Songs”

  • Manolis Pappos-bouzouki, singing
  • Ioulia Karapataki-singing
  • Mihalis Darmas-contrabass
  • Fotis Siotas-violin, singing
  • Giorgos Fountoukos-guitar

And our feast will go on with

  • Nikolas Mavros and Vaios Prapas

Sunday July 1

It’s the songs that get to you in no time… and those that fit those moments in your life…and it’s Ikaria which we love indeed.

On the central stage (1st  Stage)

  • Natassa Bofiliou
  • Imam Baildi
  • Angelika Dusk
  • Padelis Kyramargios and Plegma

On the stage of the migrant communities area (2nd stage)

  • Mandela Girls
  • South Africa Roze Wood-Madagascar
  • Ubuntu Drum and Dance
  • Martha Moreleon & Los del Sure
  • Momentum

On the folk stage (3th stage)

  • Ikarian feast with Nikos Fakaros



All discussions start at 7 p.m.

Friday 29 June


  • Greek-Turkish antagonism, rival nationalisms and the bet for a peaceful coexistence


Speakers: Hussein Bebrek (Turkish political refugee), Stavros Tombazos (economist, University of Cyprus), Athina Skamba (Kokkino Nima)

Coordinated by Kyriaki Klokiti (Network for Social and Political Rights)

Interventions: OKDE, Antipolemiki Kinisi

  • Golden Dawn Trial, the nazi threat and the anti-fascist movement

Speakers: Eleftheria Koumantou (journalist, Golden Dawn Watch), Eleftheria Tombatzoglou (prosecutor at the Golden Dawn trial, “Favela”), Angeliki Valsamaki (Antifascist Coordination of Athens & Piraeus), Petros Konstadinou (KEERFA coordinator)

Coordinated by Anastasia Matsouka (Migrant Social Center)



  • A discussion on Islamophobia from a Feminist Point of View


Participants: Women Refugees, ARAN women’s group, Kiouri@, Sabbat, Group of gender Confrontation, feminist and LGBTQI+ groups


Saturday June 30


  • Against neoliberal totalitarianism and the far right advance: (towards) which Left in Europe?


Speakers: Elsa Papageorgiou (educator, Paris 8 PhD candidate), Mauro Pinto (Napoli in Direziona Opposta/NDO, Naples), Andreas Pagiatsos (Xekinima)

Coordinated by Katerina Nikolatou (Anasynthesi ONRA)



  • The Mediterranean, Dead Sea: External and Internal EU Borders and Apartheid


Speakers: Sandro Mezzandra (Euronomade, University of Bologna), Ali (City Plaza Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space), Thanasis Voulgarakis (Solidarity Lesvos), Ermioni Frezouli (Chiaki Sympoliteia)

Coordinated by Nasim Lomani (Network of Social Support to Immigrants and Refugees)

Interventions: KAR, KEERFA, United Afghans Community



  • State of exception of rights, punitive revenge and judicial cruelty


Speakers: Tasos Theofilou (ex political prisoner), a member of the Irianna and Pericles Solidarity Assembly, a member of Rouvikonas

Coordinated by Eirini Gaitanou (Anametrisi/Confrontation, Group of Communists)

Interventions: Initiative for Prisoners’ Rights, “Spartakos” Network of Soldiers, LAE’s Rights Group


Sunday July 1


  • Middle East: constant war, militaristic regimes and imperialistic interventions


Speakers: Toufic Haddad (Palestinian author and academic), Kostas Kousiandas (elaliberta.gr), Antonis Davanellos (DEA)

Coordinated by Yannis Albanis (journalist, Network for Social and Political Rights)

Interventions: Kurdistan’s Cultural Center, tomov



  • Struggles for Commons: Housing, Public Spaces, Water


Speakers: Tonia Katerini (Unifying Initiative against House Auctions), Petros Basteas (EYDAP Contributory Movement of Workers and Pensioners), Eleni Portaliou (Committee of Struggle for the Metropolitan Park of Elliniko)

Coordinated by Giorgos Velegrakis (KOKKOI)



  • Workers’ struggles and victories in the memorandum era


Speakers: Labros Mastorakis (Radical IT-SETHP Board member), Giorgos Stamatonikolos (NGO employee), Tasos Christopoulos (Manufacturing Branch-Rocinante), Anna Aslanidou (Board member of the United Trade Union of Vodafone/Wind/Victus)

Coordinated by Mihalis Katerinis Linardos (trade unionist in telecommunications)


Self organized Areas

  • Area of Ideas and Publishing Ventures
  • Lgbtq-i
  • Initiative against Mining (Epirus)
  • Refugee Housing Squats


The Multicultural Cuisines

The most open and hospitable of all tables in city will be the one at the 21st Antiracist Athens Festival, which will be full of flavors and tastes from many parts of the world. The migrant and refugee cuisine will once again reign the three-day festival, with women and men refugees and migrants preparing salty and sweet traditional dishes of their homelands. In this savory feast will take cook people from Egypt, Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, Cameroon, the Social Network of Solidarity-Turkey, Kurdistan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, the Niger, Women of Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Turkey-Kurdistan, the Philippines, students from “Piso Thrania”.

The Festival will lack neither the raki mezedes of Rakadiko nor the dishes of the El Chef collective kitchen.


  • Sketching workshop for children “Painting little hovering steps”
  • Story telling
  • Theatrical play, creative workshops and games



  • Poster exhibition from May ‘68

“Fine Arts are in the streets”: Well known and less so posters by the pop art workshops of the Sorbonne and of autonomous political groups.

The exhibition is accompanied by a video and excerpts from the documentation cinema of the time.



  • “Woman refugee” by Marios Lolos
  • “PRINTS OF AN URBAN LANDSCAPE” by Giorgos Nikolaidis


Sketches on the refugee issue

(Conceded by the Greek Union of Cartoonists)

“The hovering step”, Yannis Kalaitzis, Tasos Anastasiou, Kostas Vlahos, Dimitris Georgopalis, Kostas Grigoriadis, Spyros Derveniotis, Dranis-Yannis Drakos, Panos Zaharis, Petros Zervos, Yannis Ioannou, Mihalis Kountouris, Yannis Kyriakopoulos (KYR), Ilias Makris, Panos Maragkos, Panagiotis Mitsobonos, Efi Xenou, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Vaggelis Pavlidis, Andreas Petroulakis, Konstadinos Rouggeris, Soloup, Stathis (Stavropoulos), Maris Tzaboura, Dimitris Hantzopoulos, Vaggelis Herouvim.



A MEDIA CENTER will run at the area of the Festival

21st Antiracist Athens Festival : June 29,30, July 1-Goudi Park

Contribution: 5E/daý | 10E for all three days | free for refugees and migrants

General opening hour: 6 p.m.

Discussion starting hour: 7 p.m.

Concert starting hour: 9.30 p.m.

More on Website: www.antiracistfestival.gr, @ Facebook  & @AntiraFestival


Our homeland, the whole world!


Coordination of Antiracist & Refugees/Migrants Organisations


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