Food at the 20th Athens Antiracist Festival

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The friendliest table in Athens, the table of the 20th Athens Antiracist Festival, will be set with flavours from many different parts of the world. Migrant/refugee cooking will once more take centre stage during the three days of the festival, as refugees and migrants, men and women from Asia, Africa and the Middle East will prepare savoury and sweet traditional dishes from their homelands.


Migrant Kitchens 2017 – savoury dishes


EGYPT Falafel, Koshari (macaroni, rice, lentils, topped with spicy hummus sauce)


ETHIOPIA Traditional pie with chicken mince and vegetable sauce


AFGHANISTAN Mantu (4 meat or vegetable dumplings) topped with yoghurt sauce, Κabeli (rice with lamb and vegetables), potato vegetable pie


ZIMBABWE chicken curry with green-yellow-red rice, beef burger with potato salad


IRAN Falafel, chicken with rice and saffron


CAMEROON beef with spinach and rice, chicken with plantain, greens and sauce


KURDISTAN Falafel, lahmajun, çiğ köfte


MADAGASCAR Nem (vegetable patties with red sauce and rice), chicken with ginger, spices, and rice


MALAYSIA Fried rice with prawns and/or chicken and 2 spring rolls


MOZAMBIQUE Beef with curry and rice, coconut chicken, rice and pap (corn puree)


NIGER egg fried in dough, fired rice with chicken


NIGERIA (Nigerian Women) Rice with chicken and sauce, akara (skewers with black eyed beans, salad and pita bread)


SOUTH AFRICA Cod in curry sauce and rice


SENEGAL Υassa (chicken with caramelized onions and rice), maffe (rice with peanut butter and lamb)


SUDAN Κapsa (chicken with rice, nuts and carrot), tamia (yellow split pea patties in pita bread with vegetables and tahini)


ΤΑΝΖΑΝΙΑ Beef with vegetables, rice and chapatti bread, potato croquettes




PHILIPPINES Spring rolls with noodles


Migrant Kitchens 2017 – sweet dishes


EGYPT classic and filled baklava, kanafeh, syrupy sweet with semolina and coconut


ZIKBABWE coconut and caramel ice cream


CAMEROON banana and sugar doughnuts


NIGERIA Bougatsa, fruit salad


NIGER sweets with coconut or coconut and honey


SUDAN syrupy sweets


Raki mezze from “Rakadiko” and dishes from the “El CHEF” Collective Kitchen will not, of course, be absent from the festival.

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